Wood fired | Spring 2018/5


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Description and Concept:

Reaching the domain where nature takes over and human intervention is just one of the elements at stake. The pots, coated in melted ash are fired continuously for 40 hours to reach 1300ºC, is all that remains after the time laps where the fire works, and it’s imprint in the surface is the vestige of this encounter.
A technique influenced by Japanese tradition, Caterina Roma conceives the practice of high temperature wood-firing as research, and at the same time giving the work a strong Mediterranean spirit, by using beech and pine from the deep forest surrounding her country side studio. 

Artist: Caterina Roma
-Stoneware and porcelain
-Thrown and hand built
-Two wood-firings with pine, beech and hazelnut wood for 40h up to 1300ºC
-Melted and unmmelted ash texture
-Intense reduction colors
-Copper and cobalt flashes
-Shell marks covered with ash on the second firing
-Size: Approx. 51 x 32 cm

2018, Barcelona
Unique piece.