We are delighted to have Graeme McColm in exclusivity outside the UK. Graeme is our invited designer from London, selected many times for prestigious fairs and events such as: Goldsmiths Fair, Goldsmiths Pavilion, Hallmark Salon o Desire.

An introduction in his own words:
"Having grown up in rural Scotland and now living in London since 2004, I have an inherent interest in contrasts. Over the years this has guided my work to where I am now. The coarse with the smooth, dark with light, soft with hard shapes have become my primary interest. At the same time, paring down forms to the visually simplistic and elegant, with perhaps just a touch of the ‘off beat

I am continually inspired by anything and everything I see, whether it be architecturally, the vibrancy of the characters one sees in London or whilst travelling around the world in far flung places. The harmony that can exist between decay and renewal, constantly sparks ideas and feelings, which I then transpose into my jewellery.
All my jewellery is made and finished by hand, in my studio, based in the iconic Oxo Tower, in London. As a result of this hand process, no two pieces are identical which offers my customers a unique item. I work in silver, gold, palladium and platinum as well as a large variety of precious and semi precious stones."