Pedro Cherino (Barcelona 1992)

Currently  based in Girona, Cherino studied at Escola Massana and Art Fine at the Barcelona University.

A multidisciplinary artist who questions the creation of the object and the surface.

"I treat the painting as an object, performing the mental exercise of applying the paint. I superimpose the material, each brush stroke becoming an individual piece in itself, changing and therefore altering the ulterior meaning of the surface composition. "


2019 - El altillo EXPO Hospitalet 
2019 - Esfera 72 "FAKE PARADISE" Sant Cugat 
2018 - Galeria Rubén Torres CHRISTMAS EXHIBITION Barcelona 
2018 - Teatre Tantarantana "MASTICAR HIELO" Barcelona 
2017 - Esfera 72 "COLECTIVA" Sant Cugat 
2017 - La idealogica galeria Barcelona 
2015 - Limited Editions gallery "WAVE" Barcelona 
2015 - La ruta de l'art LA ROCA VILLAGE. Galeria Safia Barcelona 
2015 - Galeria Lafutura "EXOGEN/ENDOGEN" Barcelona 
2015 - Galeria Lafutura "EL QUE HEM VIST" Barcelona