The recognisable language of organic and animal dreams by brucc, transports us to an environment where we are induced to interact with his objects.
Ricardo Tena Chaves (1977) studied design at the school La Llotja in Barcelona and is the artist behind the brucc project. His sculptures and objects are the result of continuous learning and improvisation that over the years has led him to develop his own language. Art and function are mixed, discussed and loved in an orderly chaos of beauty, evident in some cases and subtle in others. brucc is a methodological approach to art through a holistic vision of the creation process where the environment and its materials nourish this methodology. 





2019 - COLLECT Art Fair
2018 - Exhibition, Galeria Rubén Torres, Barcelona
2018 - Affordable Art Fair Hamburg
2017 - Swab Art Fair
2013 - Exhibition, Formista, Barcelona