Ariadna Gea

Ariadna Gea, Barcelona, 1997 - Studied Fine Arts, University of Barcelona

Gea’s work is deeply influenced by her most immediate environment: nature. Characterised by the change of shapes and forms, she is constantly searching for new materials that can express ideas through different languages, in the same way that nature expresses itself in its purest form: that of constant change. 

As a result of experimenting both with modern and classical materials, her work seeks to create a space for reflecting on the collective imaginary. The imaginary resides in the depth of our mind, and connects us to nature and to our origins. Thus her reflection is the observance, from a modern perspective, of the relevance and inception of ideas, myths and imagination. The inception and relevance of myths, the power of ideas, and the fuel for it all: imagination. 

Fictos are symbols, metaphors, words, images, ideas with which we creatively connect things. That way we can see things -as if they were other things. The imagination of the human being is unlimited, it gives us the possibility to interact with reality through ideas, concepts and fictions, even if that reality isn't present yet. Nature, in all its shapes, forms and sizes, reflects how life and death entangle and relate in the most intimate of ways. Human work can shape it, but it cannot change it, not in its essence, because humans are, after all, nature. Her work is about life, because nature is alive, but also about death, because it is an intrinsic aspect of life, as life cannot exist without its counterpart. Bones are themselves the foundation of life and keep giving life even after death: life to our imagination, our dreams, our origins. Fictos, Fictus (latin): fictus (masc), ficta (fem.), fictum (neut.). Imaginary, fictitious.

Collective Exhibition “Sinergia Studio” 2019, Barcelona. 

Collective Exhibition Escola Pía Nostra Senyora, 2018, Barcelona. 

Collective Exhibition “Reminiscència” al espai jove Fontana, 2016, Barcelona.