Caterina Roma

The experimentation with different plastic arts when I was very young lead me to choose ceramics as my form of expression. From then on, I combined my academic studies and professional career with the training on ceramic techniques with various ceramics masters. On 2011, I set up a ceramic studio and focused exclusively on ceramics.

Being a self-taught ceramist from a very young age has given me a rare freedom to create by intuition and observation. I’ve been able to explore the possibilities and limits of the materials and techniques without prejudice, judging by experience and following instinct. Digging my own clay, processing rocks and plants for glazing, building my own wood-kiln in the forest for firing the pots is my way to touch the essential sensitivity of wild beauty. In 2014 I built my own wood-kiln, under the direction of Robert Sanderson and Coll Minogue. Of 1,5m3 of capacity, the kiln is designed to create ceramics with intense ash effects.

2019 Collect London Craft Fair with Galeria Rubén Torres (London, UK) 
2018 Collective Christmas Exhibition. Galeria Rubén Torres (Barcelona, Spain) 
2018 Solo exhibition. TK Gallery. Osaka (Japan) 
2018 Solo exhibition. Tk Gallery. Tokyo (Japan) 
2017 Swab Art Fair with It Reminds me of Something Gallery. (Barcelona, Spain) 
2016 International press department manager for the IAC Congress Barcelona 2016 Curator of the International Exhibition for the IAC Congres Barcelona 2016 
2016 Fireworks. Solo exhibition. It Reminds me of Something. (Barcelona, Spain) 2016 Útilment. Collective exhibition. Catalonia Craft Centre (Barcelona, Spain) 
2016 Du Bol. Collective exhibition. Alliages Gallery (Lille, France) 
2015 Urne. Collective exhibition. Vallauris Institute of Arts (Vallauris, France) 
2014 Selected “Emerging artist 2014” by the magazine Ceramics Monthly (USA) 
2013 Crystalline glazes International Symposium – Selected work for exhibition (La Bisbal, Spain) 
2012 El bol. Collective exhibition. Barcelona Ceramic Museum, Palau de Pedralbes.(Barcelona, Spain)

With a bachelor’s degree in Literature (Universitat de Barcelona), postgraduate in translation (Universitat Pompeu Fabra), and a master’s degree in publishing (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya), I worked for some years in one of the biggest publishing companies worldwide in Spanish Language (Editorial Planeta).

When I gave professional status to my long-life ceramic activity (2011), I decided to stay connected to the publishing world.  So, in addition to my ceramic activity, I also research and write about ceramics and potters, technics and galleries for international magazines, like New Ceramics, Ceramic Review, Ceramics Technical, Arts and Perception or Revista Cerámica.

I have also been part of the editorial department of the Catalan Ceramics Association, Terrart, as its international representative since 2010, attending the ICMEA correspondence and meetings.