Julieta Ansalas

Julieta Ansalas (1973, Argentina,) studies include art, design and photography. In 1994 she obtained the Kuitca Scholarship (Proa Foundation, Argentina) and in 2002 she moved to Barcelona, where she works independently in her studio in Poble Sec.
She has developed different projects in which experimentation and research are driving elements.

For me, art is an agent of change, it allows us to have a new perception of ourselves and the environment. The first thing that is imposed on my way of working is a balanced and precise relationship between the image and the concept, I explore space, time and perception. In some projects I look for points of contact with other disciplines, and in many cases I am interested in scientific subjects. Such as ¨Transition Temperature¨, ¨The Water and The Cycles¨ and ¨ Uncertainty Principle.¨ I work on ideas and elements that allow us to somehow connect, identify and create, on different scales, changes in our way of seeing and feeling life.

Ansalas has exhibited at museums, galleries and art centres in Argentina and Spain.
Among her exhibitions we highlight: ¨Convergencias¨ , Alliance française – Photoespaña, Madrid, España;  ¨ Curutchet House¨, Siesta – arte i objectes - , Barcelona, España, Proyecto Exploratorio, Palacio Campodónico, La Plata, Argentina
¨Alteraciones de la Luz¨, Centro Cultural Borges, Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina ;
¨Fotos¨, Média/thèque Alliance française, Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina; ¨Temperatura
de transición¨, Museo de Arte de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, La Plata, Argentina ; ¨La
ciudad¨, El Pasaje Arte Contemporáneo, La Plata, Argentina 
And recently her work has been published in L´Oeil of the Photographie (France), Musée
Magazine (USA), International Photography Magazine and she has been selected as a
finalist in the Barcelona International Photography Awards BIPA 2019.

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