Pau Roche

Pau Roche (1994, Barcelona)

Studied sculpture at Massana School in Barcelona. 

My work seeks to challenge the intangible, the ineffable and everything that transcends the world of matter, always searching for liberation from linguistic ties.
I am interested in the visible simplicity that contains deep complexity. Sometimes things remain hidden in the same everyday lifeand, in turn, the geometry in the organic.
In this state of collective immolation, it is a good time to loose our fear of failure, and this will save us.What is it that I sometimes perceive behind things which have not just defined themselves?It is as if you do not yet know what it takes to understand, or as if you always have to stay hidden.

2020 Exposición en la galeria Spectrum: "12-12"
2019 Exposición en la galeria El Altillo: "Expo"
2018 Exposición en de la Abuela 
2017 Exposicion en la galeria Es-fera 72: “Mismos-Mitos” 
2015 Exposicion en la galeria La Futura: “Exogen-Endògne”