Pedro Cherino

Pedro Cherino (1992, Barcelona.) Currently based in Girona, Cherino studied at Escola Massana and Fine Art at the University of Barcelona. A multidisciplinary artist who questions the creation of the object and the surface.

"Painting as a question, as a cornerstone of the creative process. Painting becomes form without function, rather it remains in a process of constant questioning in my work.  Each piece embarks on a journey through a possible idea that defines what a painting should be. Should it be fluid? Should it overlap? Should it stain? Can it change shape? Is it static? ...
The canvas is the playground and what happens inside "meaning". Throughout the history of art, we have remained faithful to the vertical support and the motif that occurred in it, as if it were just one more window of our home, a window where we can escape from the real, from the thinkable, from the concrete.
My paintings are conditioned by the culture of beauty. Stepping into them makes your eyes throb with colour and shine, and exciting the memory of knowledge.  In order to conspire over the painting, it is necessary for it to remain beautiful at the same time."

Collective Exhibitions

2019 - El altillo EXPO Hospitalet 2019 - Esfera 72 "FAKE PARADISE" Sant Cugat 2018 - Galeria Rubén Torres CHRISTMAS EXHIBITION Barcelona 
2018 - Teatre Tantarantana "MASTICAR HIELO" Barcelona 
2017 - Esfera 72 "COLECTIVA" Sant Cugat 
2017 - La idealogica galeria Barcelona 
2015 - Limited Editions gallery "WAVE" Barcelona 
2015 - La ruta de l'art LA ROCA VILLAGE. Galeria Safia Barcelona 
2015 - Galeria Lafutura "EXOGEN/ENDOGEN" Barcelona 
2015 - Galeria Lafutura "EL QUE HEM VIST" Barcelona