Julieta Ansalas

El sonido del espacio N20

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      Artist: Julieta Ansalas
      Tittle: El sonido del espacio N20
      Series: El sonido del espacio
      Year: 2018
      Signature: Hand signed and numbered on pencil on verso

      Edition of 5 size 70x50cm, Hahnemühle paper Photo Rag 308 gr.

      The series is about an image that can only be discovered through the photographic medium. I create spaces that do not exist in front of us, an image is printed that is invisible to the naked eye. Only the photographic process can give visibility and create that three-dimensional and spatial perception. Architectural structures, line depths, smoke trails, distortions, transparencies and flexible walls burst in. It is not the object that moves, but the one that looks at the object. I experiment with the sound of space, creating different levels of proximity and an image that always seeks to be tangible.