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Libreto de Ballet N36


Size | 40x30cm

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      Artist: Julieta Ansalas
      Tittle: Libreto de Ballet N36
      Series: Libreto de Ballet
      Year: 2017
      Signature: Hand signed and numbered on pencil on verso

      Edition of 9 size 40x30cm, paper Ilford Gold Fibre Silk paper 310 gr. Baryta
      Edition of 5 size 75x50cm, paper Ilford Gold Fibre Silk paper 260 gr. Baryta
      Edition of 3 size 100x70cm, paper Ilford Gold Fibre Silk paper 260 gr. Baryta


      "I choose leaves and pieces of trees to represent the suspended time of a dance. The idea began twenty years ago, when I made about a thousand drawings of no more than three lines representing the basic movements of ballet (jumping, stretching, folding, lifting, turning, sliding, throwing or precipitating). I decide to take this idea forward with photographs, I discover that these pieces left on the ground by the trees appeal to us to identify with them. Each of the pieces I photographed I turned them over, and tried them out to see their expressive intensity. Each of the chosen pieces contains the expression of movement, and the shape of the leaves, color and state have a theatrical costume that contributes to the narrative plasticity and poetic expressiveness of them."