Monolithic Fluid

Ricardo Tena
Monolithic Fluid, 2019
53 x 97 x 21 cm (20.86 x 31.18 x 8.26 inches)


The concept of the work draws from the spatial fluidity of contemporary architecture coupled with references from mechanical retro-futurism. The motivation and result aims to get closer to the creation of a liturgical and ceremonial object.

The piece is formed from a series of 126 individual metal rods, 6mm in diameter (measuring a total of approx 140m.) The rods are worked manually and hammered in sections, then welded one by one to get the final shape and extension. The piece was then polished, cleaned, spray painted and lacquered for durability and final visual color effect. The final form has three points of support at the bottom which help to achieve the sensation of levitating in space.

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