Julieta Ansalas

Teatro de Cámara N5

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      Artist: Julieta Ansalas
      Tittle: Teatro de Cámara N5
      Series: Teatro de Cámara
      Year: 2018
      Signature: Hand signed and numbered on pencil on verso

      Edition of 5 size 70x50cm, Hahnemühle paper Photo Rag 308 gr.

      ¨Teatro de cámara¨ is part of a research process where I explore the limits of photography. Through the interaction of time and movement images are revealed that the human eye cannot see. The images are created from the action of precise camera movements and slow exposure times. I describe this form of work as ¨fotoforming¨; key elements are the quality of movement and light to achieve these spaces and three-dimensional forms created from flat figures. 
      The title of the series speaks of the space of intimacy and minimalism characteristic of this theatrical genre, at the same time it is a play on words due to the relevance of the movement of the camera at the moment of taking the shot. (¨Teatro de cámara¨ means ¨Chamber theatre¨ but in spanish the word Cámara has two meanins: closed room or enclosure and photographic camera.)

      I have used a source of natural light that is perceived as artificial and as if it emerged from the same forms. The series always reflects empty spaces, the first period was created in 2018 using one or two colours in each image, and in the second period of 2019 I used colour as a central element, with the intention of accentuating the perception of the space, amplifying it and increasing the attention on the fictitious architecture created.